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All Our Air Coolers, Misting fans and Patio Heaters Available here for buy or rent for any kind of Events, both indoor & outdoor.Our outdoor Coolers is the best Choice for Outdoor COOLING when it is impossible to use the air conditioner.

Out Air Cooler’s advantages:

  • Can be used as an outdoor Air-Conditioner that COOL the temperature.
  • Cost effective.
  • Portable.
  • Low power Consumption.

What We Do?

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We offer Outdoor cooler, Misting fan and patio heater for your outdoor events, Anywhere in the UAE!

We have several cooler models you can choose from
four cooler models

Cooler Models

We offer Misting fan for your outdoor events!

We have wall & portable mist fan models that you could rent
misting fan models

Misting Fan Models

We offer also outdoor patio heaters for your outdoor events!

Three models, you can choose from

Why Us:

  • We clean the coolers and test them and making them ready for next rental assuring our valued client’s satisfaction doing our best to provide cool outdoor event experience.
  • All coolers checked in our Dubai warehouse before delivery. making sure that all coolers are assembled well and tested. Our prices are very competitive for all customers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Air Coolers in Dubai Do More Than Just Make Cool

Even in a climate era where many people call it as pretty extreme, Dubai is still a hip. Whether or not the warming really exists, Dubai does not lose its charm. And whether it’s summer or not. Always The temperature gets higher; people still make it on their list of next place to go on vacation. No matter it is 40 or even more, than 40 degrees Celsius, other place cooler seems unable to call and attract like Dubai does. There it goes, when the view is fabulous, the landscape are amazing, the experience is exhilarating, and the hospitality are wonderful, a little bit higher temperature is not a problem. Especially and when you need a little time for adjustment, Outdoor coolers in Dubai and outdoor AC are there.

And, this is Dubai where everything is exotic and must come with style. So, who needs an old and stiff style of air cooler unit that produces distracting sounds? These are Outdoor Air cooler in Dubai, and just like their surroundings, they come to satisfy everyone state of the art and classy taste. Work hard to cool any of Dubai spot and looks as exotic as its sculpture; these are air coolers that do more than just make cool. We also have patio outdoor heaters Gas and electrical to buy or rent.

In the conditions of noise too, a cooler produces not as much noise when compared with a common AC unit. This water cooler can be found at a selling price variety of Rs. Plumbed water cooler is ideal for home usage. Irrespective of whether you could use a water cooler for your house, officeor school, you likely are going to want to make certain you have made the finest possible alternative.

The cooler also includes an organizer tray on top for a number of personal items to be set on the cooler. For those who have purchased a little cooler, you can employ a few folks to lift the cooler and set it on the platform. There are a number of individuals that are choosing evaporative coolers because they’re simple to install and are energy-efficient. In addition to the environmental benefits and health benefits, they also easy to maintain and the cost of installation is half as much as the cost to install a central air unit. They are made using a simplistic design, therefore they are very low maintenance. They are different from air conditioners as they work differently to cool your home. In low-humidity places, evaporative air coolers can offer an energy-efficient and all-natural process of cooling.

All coolers have refillable water tanks that are easily accessible. Portable coolers are extremely much in demand as they may be fitted any place in the room according to our convenience. With each one of the energy savings and environmental advantages, swamp coolers have the potential to reduce your indoor temperature by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The swamp coolers utilize electricity 75% less than the standard air conditioners. Another reason behind installing evaporative coolers is the simplicity of installing it. Most evaporative cooler for business purposes are made with distribution cassettes on top of each vertical bank.

Evaporative air cooler

In the event the belt is worn, you have to replace it. Most men and women buy belts of lower or greater tension that will gradually crack. If buying pads make certain to purchase the right size. These coils are full of a cooling substance. This assembly needs to be cleaned and sanitized once annually. To stop hot air from getting into the room you may fix panels around the cooler. It might be located in addition to your walk in cooler, in a remote place, or even underneath, based on your equipment.

The typical mistake made, exactly like with air conditioning units, is that folks think that buying a bigger unit, that they’re in turn getting a better deal. The PC air-compressing units are known to carry out flawlessly. With a package system, all components are in a solitary outdoor unit that might be located on the floor or roof. 1 wonderful feature of the portable swamp cooler is how these coolers utilize evaporation to create cool air, instead of utilizing a great deal of electricity to create a little bit of cool air. This way is the simplest way for the cooling purposes. When purchasing a cooling system for your property, there are lots of considerations. It’s always best to judge your requirement prior to going shopping.

The first costs are low. The considerable energy savings alone be evaporative cooling a better choice in comparison to refrigerated cooling which employs an enormous amount of energy. Swamp cooler can offer energy savings and environmental advantages that can possibly reduce your indoor air temperature by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Another additional benefit of this sort of ducting is the prevention of foreign particle buildup within the ducts, because of mix of the greater velocity air, together with the absence of hard corners. There are various benefits of personal coolers.

Air conditioners are costly and you must bear a superior electricity cost when using an air conditioner. They require a decent investment, comparatively. While room ac gives maximum flexibility, when cooling many rooms it’s generally costlier than central air-conditioning. Even the very best evaporative air cooler cannot do that. It is simple to utilize tap water with this sort. This system cools the air with the evaporation of plain water. When selecting a swamp cooler, it is necessary to be aware the unit’s air moving capacity, and installation and maintenance requirements.

Double check whatever you have done. Because it can be hand-held, it’s an excellent choice to use outdoors. Installing both of these systems is extremely easy and easy. Much like any equipment, at times it will become essential to make repairs. This machine ought to be your ultimate choice whenever you are trying to find a cooler for a broader area like a warehouse of factory. You are able to cool only the areas of the room where you’re. If you constantly feel your home or room isn’t cool enough even whenever your cooler is operating on the maximal speed.