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Outdoor Patio Heater

Rent Electric Patio Heaters and Gas Outdoor Heaters

Rental rates from 95AED/day excluding gas

Outdoor Heaters come in many shapes and sizes and it’s designed for the outdoor heating application. Most of the patio heaters use gas or butane. Outdoor heaters with a top reflector on the burner reflect warmth around the heater with a range up to five meters around.
It’s ideal outdoor heaters for restaurants to make their customers take a seat outside even in Dubai’s coldest days and nights. The Firelight in the restaurant terrace attracts more attention over their natural heating results.

We also have Electric outdoor heaters for easy installation and operation without the need for gas cylinders.

Heating Capacity:

Usually, Gas patio heaters have more heating capacity over the electrical heaters, some models can provide up to 40kw of heating, while outdoor electrical heaters can provide maximum 20,000 BTU.

Outdoor heaters made to distribute the heat as spot heater. These spot heaters can provide heat for area up to 25 square meters (for big models)

All our outdoor heaters are made with care, and they are meeting commercial grade for safety devices, they will switch off in case they fall down.

All Our Patio Heaters Available here for buy or rent for any outdoor party Our outdoor patio gas heater is the best Choice for Outdoor Heating

Out Patio Gas Heaters advantages:

  • Can be used Safely for outdoor, (Climate+ Dubai civil defence approved heaters)
  • Low-Cost
  • Mobile
  • Low Gas Consumption

Two outdoor Gas patio heaters models and one Electrical Patio heater model

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Patio Heaters

Why Us:

We test our patio heaters before the delivery, Extra Discount Available for quantity and early booking customers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all Emirates.